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I will destroy you or What happens if one does not report it to the police

The nationalist and activist of the opposition Konstantinov is accused of a  murder he could not have possibly had committed

For a vast and important majority of the Russian liberal society the participation of the nationalists in the anti-government protests constituted a moral dilemma. But now the difference of ideas should be set aside because if the activists do not unite together the outcome of this situation might end tragically due to the fact that the police machine has commenced its revenge. And I am not being dramatic here.

We have the example of the young nationalist Daniil Konstantinov which should be enough evidence for us. The 30 year old lawer was part of the ”Security League of Moscow” and afterwards became the secretary of the nationalist fraction in the committee, which organised actions of protest. However he was never catalogued as an extremist, his opponents assert firmly, he always pertained to the middle nationalists.

The murder in the subway

At the end of May the police has broken in Konstantonov’s apartment, they had confiscated all computers and Daniil was put behind bars. The activist found out of what was going on just when he was presented with the accusation of murder. According to the police’s version, at the beginning of December Konstantinov stabbed with a knife some guy, allegedly a drugaddict during a fight in the subway.
The problem is that the accusation’s based on the testimony of a single witness. And the witness was manipulated due to the fact that the investigators had shown the witness beforehand a photograph of the nationalist and afterwards they had asked the witness to recognise Konstatntinov during the identification process.

But the greater problem of the police is that the accused actually has an alibi. On that day Daniel Konstantinov was celebrating his mother’s birthday together with his family in a restaurant.

”We have photographs from the birthday party and we also have the copy of the bill, Daniil was seen by a dozen of people that night. We also gave the detectives his mobile phone’s records which prove that during the murder Daniel was 20 km away from the murder scene”, asserts Konstantinov’s lawyer Oksana Mikhalkyna.

If this were an usual situation Konstantinov would have been released instantly at the sight of such evidence, but we have reasons to assert that this is by far a typical situation. The activist’s father declares that there are also phone records dating back from October which prove the police since then was after his son.

” My son was chosen to be a scapegoat and serve as an example which should terrify our society”, says Ilyia Konstantinov. ” Daniil is a great organiser, he was the link between the nationalist and the liberals. Hence they chose their target well”, and Denis Zatsepin also does not hyde the conviction that this constitutes a provocation from the police forces. And in this case Konstantinov’s alibi will not prove to be very effective.

Wherever I go there are corpses

Daniil Konstantinov, he himself thinks that his arrest is related to the fact that on numerous accounts he did not report anything to the police department which dealt with the fight against extremism.

”At the beginning of December my son was arrested during a meeting. At the police department he was approached by a man from the department which dealt with the fight against extremism and pressured to depose against his colleagues” states Ilyia Konstantinov at the press conference.

When Konstantinov refused to testify against his colleagues the police officer threatened him ” He started to scream that he will regret about it and that he will destroy him. He said that where ever he was there were corpse and long sentences to be served”, asserts Konstantinov’s father.

One might presume that this is just simply the natural reaction of concerned and emotional parents who fear for their son’s security, however one realizes the full gravity and all the implications of this situation when one comes across with the name of that policeman  Aleksei Okopnyi. Amongst the activists of the opposition he is well known. He was accused of the murder of the activist Yuri Chervochkin in the year 2007, when the activist had been beaten up with a baseball bat in the town of Serpukhov. If I would have been in the same situation Konstantinov’s father is I know I would have reasons to be worried too.

By Ondřej Soukup

(Source: iHNed.cz)

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